Power Flush Hampshire

Power flush Hampshire covering; Aldershot, Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Easteigh, Farnborough, Fleet, Gosport, Havant, Lyndhurst, New Forest, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Romsey, Southampton, Winchester.

If you require a power flush in the Hampshire area then be sure to contact HH Power Flush.

We are currently fitting Fernox TF1 with a power flush for £150.  These great filters will continue to protect your central heating system after the power flush has been carried out. This will enable you boiler to run a maximum efficiency lower harmful carbon emission to the environment.

With all new high efficiency condensing boilers water treatment has no been so important. The smallest about of sludge and scale can cause a new boiler to fail.

Many manufacturers will not carry out repairs under warranty if a  power flush has not been carried out. Both the British Standards and Benchmark acknowledge power flushing as the only suitable method of clean a central heating system.

Unlike older boilers with poor efficiency new boiler have a very small waterways in the heat exchanger making them more susceptible to blockage is the system has not been power flush and treated with inhibitor.

Prevention is always better than cure, so even you your system is not showing any signs you could still benefit from having your system power flushed and treated with inhibitor.

After we power flush any system we always dose the system with anti corrosion inhibitor. The inhibitor coats the inside of the central heating system and boiler prevents rust and corrosion from forming.